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Silver Edition

TAGS by Heyerdahl are made for sneaker lovers who want to create their own style on their favorite sneakers. Be creative and enjoy!

The tags are made from 925 sterling silver, encrusted with 90 cubic zirconia stones. The surface is gold plated with 18 kt. yellow gold, white rhodium, or black rhodium. 

TAGS by Heyerdahl come in 11 different basic colour combinations. All TAGS are sold in pairs (2 tags). Take a look at the available styles here.

New styles and limited editions will be launched every month. Stay tuned!

Retail price (pair of TAGS) NOK 1,390 | EUR 140 | USD 160

diamond tags by heyerdahl

Diamond Edition 

This exclusive TAGS are made of 18 kt. solid white or yellow gold, encrusted with 90 high quality brilliant cut diamonds, with 45 diamonds on each tag.

The Diamond Edition TAGS are individually numbered, and availability limited to 100 pairs worldwide. A special diamond certificate will be enclosed. The real diamond edition tags will be exhibitet at HEYERDAHL and STRESS stores in Oslo.

Diamond TAGS by Heyerdahl are only available as special orders. 

Retail price (pair of TAGS) NOK 39,800 | EUR 4,000 | USD 4,450

stress store collaboration

STRESS sneaker store

The original TAGS by Heyerdahl are exclusively sold in HEYERDAHL jewellery stores and STRESS sneaker store in Oslo, Norway.

You can also order TAGS from our respective online stores. TAGS are sold in pairs, and come with a beautiful jewellery giftbox. Visit our shops in Oslo to see TAGS in person, or order your own TAGS directly from our ONLINE STORE HERE

TAGS by heyerdahl facts and prices

Diamond edition:

  • 18 kt. yellow or white gold
  • 90 brilliant cut diamonds (45 diamonds on eachTAG)
  • A total of 90 ct.(0.45 ct. on each TAG)
  • Diamond quality:TW-SI1 (diamond certificate included)
  • Each TAG (pair) is engraved with a unique limited edition number
  • The diamond edition will be on display at Heyerdahl and Stress stores in Oslo, Norway
  • Retail price (for a pair of TAGS)
  • NOK 39,800 | EUR 4,000 | USD 4,450

Silver edition:

  • 925 Sterling silver
  • Coated with18 kt. gold or rhodium (platinum) plating
  • 90 Cubic Zirconia stones (45 on each TAG)
  • 9 different colour combinations
  • Retail price (for a pair of TAGS)
  • NOK 1,390 | EUR 140 | USD 160

stright bar lacing

Be creative and enjoy even more TAGS by using straight bar lacing on your sneakers to create your own multiple TAGS style.

how to keep your tags clean

Items of gold or silver do not need much maintenance, but when using jewellery on your shoes, the TAGS can get dirty.

The TAGS are then simply washed in warm water with a touch of classic dishwater liquid like Zalo or Fairy. Use a soft old toothbrush to brush softly across the TAGS and the stones. Then rinse in warm water and dry well (preferably with a hairdryer). You can also use suitable jewellery maintenace products that you can buy in our jewellery store.