Noën - for miljøets skyld

Noën is jewellery. Jewellery made of precious material. Jewellery made of ecological gold and conflict free diamonds.

noën is jewellery, jewellery which changes the woman who wears it, which changes her perception. Jewellery which changes your view of the world. This jewellery exudes character, alterable and full of autonomy. Noën appears clearly self-confident. Affected by sparkling feminity, each piece finds its particular spot on the body of the woman who wears it.


noën combines the sense of design, the fascination of jewellery and the demand of treating our environment carefully and respectfully. From the production of law materials to sales, noën considers transparency, trust 
and social justice as an indispensable matter of course. The clear and classical shape of the pieces of jewellery complies with this socially just concept. The jewels reflect passion for design and material, passion for the human being. noën is part of the world and that is what we are living. Our jewellery presents itself clear, elegant, fascinating.


A purposeful calm and balanced modern style lends the precious jewellery a distinctive and inimitable charisma. Pieces of jewellery with intoxicating expressiveness arise from the play with open and closed shapes, from the 
sophisticated choice of proportions. It is the conscious handling of the precious materials that the rings, pendants and earrings owe their unmistakable feminine, downright sensual impression.


Due to the well thought-out design, each piece of the collection can be combined with one another. This opens up possibilities to go on an expedition and express oneself in an individual and selected method.

Precious material demands precious treatment.

This is what we at noën are thinking. And this is what the responsible persons at the goldmine in the northwest of Argentina are thinking, where mineworkers are digging the precious metal for noën: The raw material is gained without any chemical additives. So with lasting effect, we are protecting the environment and the living space of the people who live and work there. This is equally valid for the certified diamonds we are using. They exclusively come from countries of no-war zones, where the digging, trading and further 
processing of the precious stones contribute to social development.


Noën aims at treating our environment with care and respect, having a partnership-like relation with the people who work for us, and securing them a fair income and occupational advancement: The more precious and sought-
after the jewellery, the higher the chances of development and growth in the countries where the raw material is being gained. This is how we live up to our demand to create high-quality and immaculate jewellery.
Du finner Noën smykkene i vår forretning i Sentrum