Lapponia Jewellery


Founded in Finland in 1960, Lapponia Jewelry has always followed its bold intuition. Björn Weckström, who designed the first collection, established a new sculpture-like jewelry, drawing his inspiration from the shape and matte surface of gold nuggets from Finnish Lapland. Lapponia's trademark, unique motifs and genuine design, was born. Today, Lapponia employs an international team of jewelry designers.

Traditional Finnish jewelry manufacturer Kalevala Koru acquired Lapponia Jewelry in August 2005. After having integrated the production processes, Lapponia uses state-of-the-art production technology. Especially the product development processes are world-class.

From the very beginning, the bold design of Lapponia jewelry has captivated women with strong charisma. Timeless Lapponia jewelry is their life-long companion.

Lapponia – the Art of Expression.

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